Captain Bruce & Laurie Gibbs Memorial Scholarship

Bruce Gibbs enjoyed a 39-year flying career with United Airlines. The Mt. SAC Aviation Program started him down a pathway that truly changed his life. Bruce wanted to honor and thank original instructors Harold (Pappy) Biell, Don Sjoberg, Russ Hanson, and Bob Elliot by helping to make opportunities available to committed commercial aviation students. Bruce traveled the world, met his flight attendant wife Laurie and enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle all because of his commercial aviation career. At the end of his life, Bruce felt that contributing to a student’s future aviation career would be a lasting legacy.

Gibbs Family Trust
Supplemental Questions
  1. I confirm that I am currently enrolled in or have successfully completed (w/ a ‘C’ grade or higher) at least six (6) AERO units.
  2. I confirm that my career goal is to become an airline pilot & I currently have a Private Pilot Certificate.
  3. Attached is proof of my FAA Pilot Certificate
  4. I agree to give the Mt. SAC Scholarship Program Office full permission to disclose to the donor of this scholarship review of my responses to the following short-answer questions (agreeing to this request is NOT a requirement to be selected as an award winner):
  5. In 750 words or less, describe the aviation safety procedures you currently use as a pilot.
  6. In 750 words or less, what will you do to improve your aviation safety skill set during advanced pilot training and later in life as a professional pilot?
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