Dream Program Resiliency Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Elmer Rodriguez, coordinator of the Dream Program, to help program participants reach their educational goals. This scholarship was created in honor of Elmer’s mother, Rosa Ortega, who is an original Dreamer who left her native El Salvador to come to this country for better opportunities because as a single parent, she could not support her three children, so she decided to embark on the journey to come to the United States and made it. Although this was tough on her as well as her children, she knew this was the best option. Because of her sacrifice, her children now have a better future in the United States, thus, she feels accomplished. This scholarship is to pay it forward, so that Dream students know that we believe in them and that we care and support them and are by their side to continue with their journey.

Elmer Rodriguez
Supplemental Questions
  1. I confirm that am a current active participant of the Mt. SAC Dream Program (to be verified by Program)
  2. As a Dream student, please describe what motivates you to continue to pursue your educational goals?