26L Scholarship Founded by Jerrica and Bryce Gordon

Bryce and Jerrica (née Morales) Gordon both grew up in the Mt. SAC area and were drawn to the school because of its aviation program. They competed together on the Mt. SAC flying team and made lifelong friends in the program. The Mt. SAC flight program formed the foundation for the Gordons’ relationship and their approach to life. The values of education, dedication, and team work that they learned at Mt. SAC are still with them. In fact, they love Mt. SAC so much that they even had their wedding reception in August 2010 at the Mt. SAC hangar at Brackett Field. For their ten-year wedding anniversary, they knew the only way to celebrate was to give back to the community that has given them so much.

Bryce, Jerrica & Gordon Family and Friends
Supplemental Questions
  1. I confirm that I am a current active member of the Mt. SAC Flight Training Association (FTA) (to be verified by the Department)
  2. I confirm that I am currently working on a pilot's license and if awarded, this scholarship will go toward a pilot rating/certificate
  3. Please answer the following questions explaining your interest and goals in aviation: What got you interested in aviation? What rating are you working toward? What is your goal in aviation? What steps are you taking in order to reach those goals? Why should you receive this scholarship?