Adib Hasnat Memorial Scholarship

Adib, the only son of Aklima and Habib Hasnat, was a talented young man full of promise and potential. He was studying Electrical Engineering at Mt. San Antonio College, and had just been accepted to the University of California, Irvine. Although he was studying engineering, Adib’s true passion was his community. Adib had a relaxed surfer vibe, kind of an all-American Bangladeshi kid with a love of hiking, the beach, reading, chess, video games, Doritos, Cheetos, and fried chicken. He was always in a genial mood and was gifted with a warmth and gentleness that shined brightly in every setting, which put everyone with whom he came into contact fully at ease.

His remarkable blend of humor, loyalty, and one-of-a-kind intelligence touched many lives. Driven by a strong sense of duty instead of a desire for money, Adib sacrificed his time to benefit causes bigger than himself. This young soul was lost in a tragic car accident on May 7, 2017. His contribution, passion and dedication to public service will inspire the next generation of young activists for years to come. His memory and spirit, however, will live on, and continue to inform and inspire the family and friends who are all better for having shared him.

Friends & Family of Adib Hasnat
Supplemental Questions
  1. How have you demonstrated, both on-and off-campus, activism focused on community improvement (in terms of policy change or quality of life change) locally or nationally?