Captain Robert C. Borer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Captain Borer is a retired Air Force officer. Having spent time stationed in Anchorage, AK and France, he served in Vietnam as a medical doctor in charge of transports. After leaving the service he continued treating patients in various capacities, as a successful neonatologist in the US, establishing a regional neonatal intensive care unit in Qatar, and transporting critically ill babies between London and the US for treatment. He spent his early retirement years with his grandchildren and volunteering his time in a hyperbaric unit at Long Beach Memorial to assist under-served populations. He has since moved to Australia to assist impoverished communities. He and his wife, a practicing nurse, sail through the islands on a monthly basis providing medical care to the communities.
Captain Borer has spent most of his life traveling and searching for peace after his time in the service. He found it exploring the world. His daughter established this scholarship to honor his amazing achievements while supporting veterans in his name. Like her father, she wants veterans to know that there are people who want to help, and that life after service can be very rewarding.

Dr. Beta Meyer (CRB)